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Recent Episodes

  • Corn planting likely over in Indiana: Here’s what to look for with soybean acres

    With 16 percent of Indiana corn unplanted and many soybean acres underwater, #NoPlant19 stretches closer and closer to the end of June. After facing 4-5 inches of rain last week and more in the forecast, Pioneer agronomist Ben Jacob anticipates many June-planted soybean acres will need to be replanted and corn planting is likely done for the season.

  • Scouting Soybeans: What you need to know

    With many soybean acres starting to emerge, it’s time to get in the fields and evaluate the stands. Agronomist Doug Toepper says replant may need to be a consideration if there are less plants per acre than usual. He also urges farmers to spray for weeds early this year since the wet conditions have helped weeds pop up in the fields quickly. Tune in to hear more tips.

  • Did weed control take the backseat this #Plant19?

    As farmers faced a late plant, many put weed control in the backseat and are now seeing water hemp begin to emerge in the fields. Pioneer Agronomist Dan Emmert says it’s critical to attack weeds when they’re less than six inches tall. Tune in to hear why.