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From here you can to tap into our expansive knowledge on a variety of topics related to agronomy, corn, soybeans and forages. Take us anywhere, anytime, anyhow, from your house to the shop or the tractor and even on the road.

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Recent Episodes

  • Planting Season Wrap up and Current Crop Conditions (2)

    In this week’s episode, DuPont Pioneer field agronomists Josh Shofner and Brian Buck welcome Allie Ferguson to discuss the long planting season and current crop conditions.

  • May is Melanoma Awareness Month

    Two and a half years ago, DuPont Pioneer account manager Jay Zielske was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma which is often referred to as the deadliest skin cancer. With May being Melanoma Awareness month, Jay shares his personal experience of being a cancer survivor and help draw attention to skin cancer prevention and the importance of early diagnosis.

  • Keys to victory when it comes to planting

    DuPont Pioneer field agronomist Gary Brinkman discusses the keys to victory with optimum soil temperatures as #1. Also, patience is key to planting and observing some widespread insect pressure in cover crops across Michigan.