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Recent Episodes

  • Soybean Seed Treatment Considerations

    In this week’s episode, Pioneer Field Agronomists Josh Shofner and Brian Buck welcome Pioneer Field Agronomist Ashley Storby to the show to discuss soybean seed treatment for #Plant19.

  • Don’t let the start of the season bring you down

    It’s been a rough start to the season, but don’t let it get you down. Pioneer agronomist Joel Stieber says summer may have something different in store, emphasizing the importance of having nitrogen and fertilizer available to still see top-end yield. Tune in to hear the rest of his advice.

  • Diverse planting progress across Minnesota causes mixed emotions

    Planting progress in Minnesota is across the board as some planting got done in April and others haven’t touched their planters yet. Pioneer agronomist Ashley Storby hopes the warm weather coming will help get more seeds in the ground and start the germination process. Her biggest advice right now? Keep the seed treatment going to avoid growing season stressors.